Tom Ringer

Business Insights Manager at Lintbells Ltd

Tom describes himself as a problem solver, creative analyst, data bully, system tweaker and cricket lover with 20 years of turning data into insight in both the public and private sectors. Cambridge-based Tom started using Salesforce around 8 years ago and after a brief fling with MS Dynamics, renewed his Salesforce vows 2 years ago and is loving every minute of it.

Tom started life in conservation and tree surgery before working in local government, primarily on GIS and performance management systems. Since leaving the public sector he dipped in and out of data and insight, CRM and sales operations roles. He initially came across Salesforce in an educational charity around 8 years ago, where it was mainly used for web-to-lead generation and the conversion of potential B2C students.

Tom is now a Business Insight Manager with Lintbells, a pet supplement company in Hertfordshire, where among other things he is a business analyst and Salesforce administrator.


What are your biggest goals in your life/Career?

“I am not a great one for goals and tend to take what comes along. I tend to live vicariously through my children although I haven’t set them too many stretching KPIs…yet”


What three technologies do you think will change business in the next decade?

“I love the way different solutions can be integrated with each other. I am very keen on visualising data so in addition to the continued growth of cloud computing, not least Salesforce, I expect BI tools like Power BI to become a stalwart in every business. Then there is AI…”


If you could do any job, what would it be?

“I always wanted to be a cartoonist or an illustrator, but also enjoy working outdoors, so something creative and physical – a thatcher, perhaps.”

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