Thomas Joy

Salesforce Administrator at Opsview

Thomas spent a lifetime preparing to train as a barrister, all the way through school, and even on to university to study Law. Towards the end of his degree, he realised that after 10+ years of preparing, it wasn’t actually what he wanted to do. His time with various chambers and the Crown Prosecution Service as a student enabled him to hit the ground running when he joined the graduate scheme at a global financial technology company. The placement was in their Enterprise Applications team. A few years later, he’s now the Salesforce administrator at Opsview, a global system monitoring company based in Reading.

Outside work, Thomas is usually to be found at the theatre, behind a piano, or wandering round a National Trust property with his partner, Jack. He currently sits on the board at one of the south’s leading community theatre companies, whilst also working as a freelance Musical Director and Designer. Thomas regularly contributes to arts publications, including his own blog:


What are your biggest goals in your life/career?

“I’m working towards becoming a freelance consultant. My family and volunteer work in the arts mean a lot to me and Salesforce has the potential to give me a career with enough flexibility to pursue my passions whilst still being engaged in an exciting ecosystem. I’m also planning my wedding, and on the lookout to rescue a dog as soon as possible!”


Which three technologies do you think will change business in the next decade?

“Having been born in the 90s, I’ve grown up as the internet has grown up; old enough to remember floppy disks, young enough that my first mobile had a camera. For me, the big things that will change business are:


If you had to start learning Salesforce again, what is one tip or trick you wish you had known?

“Slow Down. Years from now, you’ll still be learning, you don’t have to cram as much as you can as soon as you can. Enjoy the journey!”

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