Tara Aldridge

Head of Sales Practice at NewVoiceMedia

“Working for a tech company was not on my radar when I was growing up. I did a degree in Psychology and to fund my studies I got a job in a contact centre. I loved working as part of an Inside Sales team and then moved through the contact centre world, into customer service, as a team leader and into resource planning.

I joined NVM in 2014 and got introduced to Salesforce and have been hooked ever since. Being able to combine technology and the people aspects of contact centres is fab and seeing how companies make the most of salesforce is always amazing.” – Tara


What are your biggest goals in your life/career

My biggest goal is to become a Salesforce MVP. I look up to the MVPs and love they way they share knowledge and embody everything good about being industry experts. From their blogs to talks I always learn something new from them.


What 3 technologies do you think will change business in the next decade

AI is going to be a game changer, in a good way. I don’t see it replacing people, but enhancing the way we working and allowing us to focus on the human interactions. I think robotics go hand in hand with AI and really open up industries. Robotics are going to make roles that are dangerous to humans safer in the links of science, security or manufacturing.


If you could do any job, what would it be

It’s cheesy but I don’t see myself doing any other job right now. I love finding out about how the different Inside Sales teams work, how businesses are making the most of Salesforce and how we can add value to what they do. My team are amazing and the journey we are on is just getting started.

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