Sarah Metcalfe

Head of Customer Service at Sure Petcare and Cambridge Admin User Group Leader


Sarah is an accidental admin and has been working with Salesforce since 2010. One of the organisers of InspireEast, Sarah is passionate about Salesforce, Customer Service & Creating Happy Workplaces. Sarah will speak about how using Salesforce can help create amazing customer service, demonstrating how she uses the platform to deliver service to over 1M customers, in 20+ countries and has kept an NPS of over 90 globally since 2010.

Originally from British Columbia in Canada, Sarah moved to England for love in 2005 and hasn’t looked back! She has a background in delivering amazing customer experiences and also in creating happy workplaces. Sarah is keen to show why this matters for great customer service. Since getting heavily involved in Sure Petcare’s start with Salesforce, Sarah has become more and more involved, has learnt about the power of the platform and is now the internal advocate, many times Salesforce speaker and has been featured in their customer success stories.

In February of this year Sarah (finally) took her first certification and became a Certified Administrator.


What are your biggest goals in your life/Career?

“Ummmmmmm….I hope to one day be a grown up!

“I am deeply passionate about happiness at work, and believe this is the future of all work.  I have recently started consulting alongside my awesome job at Sure Petcare, helping companies to embed happiness at work in their workplaces, with a focus on how this can create amazing customer experience (and if they use Salesforce it’s so much easier to do!)”

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