Paul Ginsberg

Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Integrate, Amsterdam User Group Co-Leader and Co-Organiser of YeurDreamin’

Back in 2011, a friend needed some help with Salesforce configuration as he had too much work to do. Paul spent a weekend creating fields and page layouts and hasn’t looked back!

Paul always had a passion for Business and IT, that’s why he chose to study a combined course at university and also why he quit after 1 year! He’s practical and hopes that his presentation at Inspire East will be too 🙂 In the 20 years between giving uni a try and today, he’s progressed from an office administrator, to office manager, to IT manager and, since 2011, a Salesforce consultant. His passion is unlocking the potential that we all have, having been on a voyage of self-discovery himself. He also looks great in his Golden Hoodie, which he wouldn’t have got without the support of the Netherlands community, which he now calls home.


What are your biggest goals in your life/Career?

“To help people unlock their potential and to let businesses get on with their actual business rather than fighting computer systems.”


Which three technologies do you think will change business in the next decade?

“Blockchain, more leveraging of the sharing economy and flying bicycles! (got to have a stretch goals!)”


If you could do any job, what would it be?

“Communities Evangelist. There are many people out there with passion and great ideas that everyone can win from. We often just need little assistance, whether it’s a nudge or a helping hand, to unlock that potential. And also spread the word that great events and people, such as InspireEast and local User Groups, exist!”

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