Gemma Emmett

Solution Architect at Bluewolf and Ladies be Architects Founder

Gemma is one of the major inspirations behind InspireEast. She’s also the one behind all the tweets you’ve been seeing!

A 16x certified Salesforce professional, Gemma founded Ladies be Architects in Nov 2017, providing support and celebration for women and their friends who are looking to further their careers to become Salesforce architects. She’s a die-hard fan with 10 years’ experience in Salesforce consulting and administration. Earlier in 2018, Gemma started working towards the most challenging of all Salesforce certifications –  Certified Technical Architect. She has battled with breast cancer twice, was featured in a Salesforce Trailblazer video for her achievements despite this and awarded the Golden Hoodie at Salesforce World Tour, London, in May 2018.

Gemma started off as a Salesforce administrator in 2008 before breaking into consulting. She now works as a Solution Architect Manager at Bluewolf, an IBM Company.


What are your biggest goals in your life/Career?

“To help others become the best versions of themselves, by building confidence and empowering others to succeed. I want to show that you CAN achieve what you once thought was impossible – by the power of networking, practice, sharing knowledge and celebrating success.”


Which three technologies do you think will change business in the next decade?

“Blockchain and Augmented Intelligence will no longer be the latest new fad – it’ll be the new standard and something else will come along. Remote working tools will also improve, enabling a new culture of working that creates a great place for Millennials and Generation Y to succeed in”


If you could do any job, what would it be?

“I’d go all out and be an Architect evangelist, spending my time empowering and coaching others. Ladies Be Architects already achieves this and I love being a part of that. You can’t really do that without project experience though, so I am proud to say I am already doing the job I love.”

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