Chris Harris

CTO at Cloud-HR Limited and Norwich Community Group Leader

Chris has been working in the Information Technology industry for almost 30 years and has seen a lot of change in that time. He started his career working with the AS/400 and System 38 IBM midrange systems before moving to the IBM Domino platform in the mid 1990’s and finally Salesforce in 2016. During his career he has worked for a whole range organisations in many roles, as a consultant, project manager, business analyst, developer, administrator, you name it. Do you remember Y2K? he does, he spent most of 1999 in London moving from one bank to another ensuring their systems would still work on 01/01/2000, which of course they all did.
He’s always been known as an “ideas man”, in fact there was a running joke in the office that he would go home and lock himself away in a shed like a crazy inventor and walk out with some new product idea or process improvement. This wasn’t far from the truth although the “shed” was a metaphorical place in his mind rather than physical building I went to!
He is originally from Canton, a small town in Illinois but moved to South Africa for a couple of years as a child before settling in England with his English mother back in 1977. Over the last year he has been dealing with some serious health issues and underwent open heart surgery last July and a double heart bypass. He used some of his recovery time to knuckle down on Trailhead and just over 4 months later passed his Salesforce Administrator Certification!

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