Chris Emmett

Implementation Consultant at makepositive and Lightning App Developer Champion

Chris started using Salesforce in 2015 when his company bought an AppExchange project management tool. He fell in love with the platform instantly and saw the power and flexibility that Salesforce could bring to a business. With a background in project management, Chris decided to change his career and go out as a Salesforce consultant. Since then, he has worked for a local ISV Partner and two London-based consultancies. He’s recently been crowned a Salesforce Lightning Champion and is excited to spread the passion he has for Lightning and its many benefits.


What are your biggest goals in your life/career?

“My goals are ever-changing, but at the moment, I want to climb the architect mountain, speak at both Dreamforce and an international community event.”


Which three technologies do you think will change business in the next decade?

“I think artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics and blockchain technology will have a profound impact on our daily lives in the years to come.”


If you could do any job, what would it be?

“I’d be a film director. I love the creative arts.”

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