Getting the most out of Salesforce: Opportunities Rule!

You may have seen the marketing material and sales literature declaring that introducing Salesforce as your CRM will increase sales growth by up to 10%. In our experience, this can absolutely be a reality. What many businesses signing up for the application forget though, is that simply installing Salesforce is not enough. To get the best out of the system, it’s important to also invest in onboarding and sales process. If you do this well and you’ll never regret making the leap. Fail to manage the change effectively and you’re unlikely to get the return on investment you’d been banking on. Proper implementation isn’t as daunting as it sounds though. And even if you’ve already been up and running with Salesforce for a while, there is one key area you can work on to bring about a massive improvement in your sales operation: aligning your sales process. In our presentation, we’ll discuss the three steps to getting this right.