Resco: Why Are We Sponsoring Salesforce Community-Driven Events?

A happy community supports your business. If your business is doing well, then you give back to the community. That’s why, simple as that! Obviously there’s more to it than this, but it’s always best to have your priorities straight and stay humble. We’ve been ISV partners with Salesforce since 2016. Joining forces with over […]

InspireEast, and West, and North, and South, and Everywhere!

InspireEast is following in the great footsteps of the ‘Dreamin’ events which originated from Eric Dreshfield and his team at MidWest Dreamin in Chicago. And what an amazing trend this started! For those new to the idea, these are events led by the Salesforce community, rather than by Salesforce themselves…which is a pretty unique idea. […]

Events like InspireEast are invaluable for the next generation of Salesforce talent, and here’s why…

Nicola Lloyd is Head of Event Marketing at Mason Frank International, and has provided the following insight into how InspireEast offers the perfect opportunity for new and developing Salesforce talent to hone their understanding of the technology. With over 30 sessions and demonstrations packed into the one-day event, InspireEast showcases Salesforce experts from all across […]