InspireEast, and West, and North, and South, and Everywhere!

InspireEast is following in the great footsteps of the ‘Dreamin’ events which originated from Eric Dreshfield and his team at MidWest Dreamin in Chicago. And what an amazing trend this started! For those new to the idea, these are events led by the Salesforce community, rather than by Salesforce themselves…which is a pretty unique idea. It means it is not a sales event, people are not there to sell products or licences, and attendees can leave the cheque books at home.

I have been to 5 Dreamforce’s and maybe twice as many London World Tours (or Cloudfest, and whatever it was called in the past), the attendee numbers increase, and conversely, I learn less! Why is that? At London’s Calling last year, I did not pre-register for any sessions, and yet I saw 6 or 7, back-to-back sessions, in a pretty calm and relaxed atmosphere. You just can’t do that at Dreamforce.

The size of Dreamin events like InspireEast are perfect for meeting like-minded people, hearing what local community members are doing in their Orgs, and all without Uber rides between venues and a spare pair of running shoes.

I have been fortunate that as well as Midwest Dreamin and London’s Calling, I have spoken at French Touch Dreamin (Paris, France), India Dreamin (Noida, India), and Punta Dreamin (Punta Del Este, Uruguay) …and I am really excited about speaking much closer to home, in Cambridge on 19th October.

See you there!